Small Group Training

Specialized Group Trainings

Specifically designed group trainings, with choice of 3-4 per group or you can join a group of 5-8. Each group will have specific goals and meet individual needs while benefiting from group support.  

Cardio and Circuit

Multiple training levels that include cardio, strength and core stations based on client needs. Sessions available in packages tailored for 2 or 3 times per week and range from $7 - $15 per session depending on small group size.


Build strength, endurance, core stability and balance with TRX group trainings. Each group will begin with basic exercises and progress to new levels appropriate for each group.

Event Training

Want to prepare for an event or race? We can help you learn, prepare and train with confidence.

Triathlon Training or a 5K are great examples of how you can get started.  Tri-training is available seasonally or upon request.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp style workouts are available in a variety of intensities for those looking for a challenge. Training Coach recommendation needed prior to start session.

Group Fun and Support

What a great way to train... Having fun and getting amazing support from your Wellness Trainer and the other group participants.