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Are you planning to run or walk Bloosday?

We are programs to help get you ready. Choose between 8 or 10 weeks of FUN, inspiration, motivation, nutrition education, and commitment to your fitness health. 

ALL fitness levels welcomed. Invite a spouse, friend, neighbor or family member... let’s work for a healthier community.


  • $55 registration: 3x per week for 4 weeks = 1 Small Group Training, 1 Fitness Class,  and  2 walking or running sessions. 
  • $95 registration: 4x per week for 8 weeks = 2 Small Group Training, 1 Fitness Class, and  2 walking or running sessions.               

Bloomsday Training includes: 

* 4-10- Small Group strength trainings with a Fitness Coach

* 4-8 Fitness Classes (Choose Yoga, Pilates Flow or Core/Stretch))

* Personal Consultation to Set Goals* Body Composition Assessments (before/after)

 * Nutrition Workshop                                                            

 * Weekly Food Journal Reviews

* Meal Prep Night                                                          

 * Weekly communication

Encouragement, accountability, motivation and MORE!!

For additional information or questions about this Program to get registered, contact us directly at 509-924-3606 or by email at Our website is

  For best results, we highly recommend using the Advocare LIVE LEAN  or Slim and Trim program. World class products, Use It, the Pros Do. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more. 

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